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March Madness Unleashed: New Product Launch!

Activate your endo success with Dia-Ultrasonic! The NEW Ultrasonic Endo Activator.

2024 Q1 Specials (Valid Jan 2-Mar 31, 2024)

  • Buy 1 Dia-X Bond Universal, get another bottle FREE!
  • Buy 2 boxes of DiaTemp or DiaTemp Flow, get 1 Dia-ProSeal intro kit FREE!
  • Buy $1,000+ USD/$1,400 CAD worth of ANY DiaDent restorative/cosmetic products (eligible products: DiaFil, DiaFil Flow, Dia-X Universal Bond, DiaEtch Reg. Pack, DiaPlus Bond), get a D-Lux+ Curing Light FREE!

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