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2022 Q4 Specials
(Valid Oct 1-Dec 31, 2022)

·    D-Lux+ Dual Wavelength Curing Light: Buy 1, Get 1 NEW DiaFil Nanohybrid
Composite Starter Kit ($360 USD)FREE! Buy 2, Get 1 DiaFil Starter Kit + 1 more D-Lux+ FREE!
(Choice of Starter Kit A, B, or C)
   Dia-X Rotary Files: 6+1 or 10+1+FREE Rotary File Organizer (choice of RED or BLUE)
·    Dia-Root Bio MTA: 3+1
·    Dia-Root Bio SEALER: Buy 3, Get 1 DiaTemp or DiaTemp Flow (choice of Blue or Yellow) FREE!

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