Steri Irrigation Tips

(Side Open Type)

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Endo/Perio Pre-Sterilized Irrigation Tips (Side Open Type)


  • Pre-sterilized by E.O. Gas (5-year expiration date)
  • The unique design of side port/closed-end to increase proficiency and patient comfort
  • Compatible with Lure Lock syringes 
  • Round tip end reduces the risk of tissue damage
  • Side-port dispersal design creates an upward flushing motion for a complete root canal preparation. 


Steri Irrigation Tips (50 pcs/box)
951-101A Steri Irrigation Tips 31 G (0.25 x 25mm) Clear White
951-102A Steri Irrigation Tips 30 G (0.30 x 25mm) Yellow
951-103A Steri Irrigation Tips 28 G (0.36 x 25mm) Blue