Paper Point (Non-Marked) - Accessory Sizes

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DiaDent Colour Coded Paper Points are made from specially formulated, highly absorbent paper. Each of the Paper Point is individually hand-jig rolled to ensure perfect size and firmness. DiaDent Paper Points have been awarded the ISO 9001 and CE Certification insuring, a high standard of design, manufacturing, and quality assurance. 

The Accessory Sizes are a great complement to the lateral condensation obturation technique. They are available in either pre-sterilized Cell Packs (5 points per cell, 40 cells per pack) or Slide-open/Sliding Package (200 points per box).  


Sliding Package 200 Pts/box
202-S601 PP Slide Package #XXF
202-S602 PP Slide Package #XF
202-S603 PP Slide Package #F
202-S604 PP Slide Package #M
202-S605 PP Slide Package #C
202-S606 PP Slide Package #XC
202-S691 PP Slide Package #XXF/XC


Cell pack 200 Pts/box
202-301 PP Cell Pack   #XXF
202-302 PP Cell Pack   #XF
202-303 PP Cell Pack   #F
202-304 PP Cell Pack   #M
202-305 PP Cell Pack   #C
202-306 PP Cell Pack   #XC
202-391 PP Cell Pack   #XXF/XC