Ultrasonic Endo Activator

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DIA-ULTRASONIC is a compact and easy-to-use cordless ultrasonic activator. Effective irrigant delivery and agitation are essential for successful endodontic treatment. Dia-Ultrasonic uses two different ultrasonic frequencies to create sufficient acoustical streaming and cavitation that can effectively eliminate vapor lock. The dual-ultrasonic frequency also helps to clean, penetrate, and irrigate the root canals more precisely than single-frequency devices.

The device automatically detects the depth at which the tip is inserted into the root canal, identifies the optimal frequency corresponding to that depth, and selects and applies the frequency within the range.

With its durable, powerful, and flexible Ni-Ti tips, Dia-Ultrasonic can safely and efficiently handle curved and narrow canals. Quality testing confirms that the Dia-Ultrasonic Tip remains fracture-free even after 200 continuous hours submerged in water, ensuring reliable and effective irrigation and disinfection.


  • Dia-Ultrasonic has two different frequencies (30 KHz/30,000 Hz and 45 KHz/45,000 Hz) to provide significantly improved debridement of the root canal system and improved penetration of irrigants into the dentinal tubules.
  • Flexible & Durable Autoclavable Tip
  • Powerful 2,750 mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery can last up to 500 cycles with a full charge. A full charge takes only 3.5 hours.
  • The most powerful ultrasonic handheld device that is cordless, compact, and easy to use.
  • Heat-Treated Specialized Nickel Titanium Tip: the ultimate flexibility and strength! The precise and flexible 31G tip is fracture-resistant and can access any difficult-to-navigate root canals safely, resonating down the entire length of the tip with
    optimal efficiency.


 #4009-1001 Dia-Ultrasonic Regular Kit
Content: handpiece, charger, ultrasonic tips (2/box), wrench, adapter, and power cord.


#4009-1110 Handpiece
#4009-1120 Charger Base
#4009-1130 Ultrasonic Tips (2/box)
#4009-1140 Wrench
#4009-1150 Battery
#4009-1160 Adapter
#4009-1170 Power Cord