Gutta Percha (mm-Marked) - Accessory Sizes

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ML.029 Gutta Percha points provide a fast and reliable solution for root canal measuring and filling. It reduces the possibility of over-extension. The +- .-29 diameter tolerance ensures an excellent fit to the files. The points are Cadmium-free, latex-free, radiopaque, and hand-rolled.


  • Quick and easy method for depth measurements
  • Eliminates apex perforations which may lead to bleeding
  • Completely seals the entire length of the canal
  • Save chair time with pre-measured points
  • Most accurate depth measurements


  • Exceed ISO specifications
  • Using a laser beam, each DiaDent ML.029 point is individually inspected for diameters at D3 and D16
  • ISO and ADA standard requires the use of 1/100mm incremental measurement units DiaDent uses 1/1000mm increments


Sliding (Accessory)      100 Pts/box
ML102-S601 GP Sliding Pkg  #XF
ML102-S602 GP Sliding Pkg   #FF
ML102-S603 GP Sliding Pkg   #MF
ML102-S604 GP Sliding Pkg   #F
ML102-S605 GP Sliding Pkg   #FM
ML102-S606 GP Sliding Pkg   #M
ML102-S607 GP Sliding Pkg   #ML
ML102-S608 GP Sliding Pkg   #L
ML102-S609 GP Sliding Pkg   #XL
ML102-S610 GP Sliding Pkg   #XF/M