NiTi H-File 21mm

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Diadent's nickel-titanium (Ni-Ti) files are available in standard ISO sizes, .02 taper.

DiaDent's Hedstrom files (H-Files) have flute depth that increases with the taper, creating a sharper, more flexible instrument.


  • Ni-Ti shaft is made of premium nickel-titanium with 5 times the flexibility compared to stainless steel files


  • Ni-Ti has 10 times the stress resistance compared to stainless steel files


  • Produces smooth and progressive enlargement of root canal
  • Ni-Ti follows the existing canal path and has memory so there is no need to pre-bend the files


  • Color-coded handles and pre-inserted silicone stops


  • Ni-Ti resists spontaneous breakage
  • Increased angular rotation reduces fracture
  • Ni-Ti decreases zipping and stripping


  • Green Square for K files (6/box)
  • Red Circle for H files (6/box)
  • Blue Triangle for Reamers (6/box)
H-Files 21mm 6 files/box
NT503-101 H-File 21mm   #8
NT503-102 H-File 21mm   #10 
NT503-103 H-File 21mm   #15 
NT503-104 H-File 21mm   #20 
NT503-105 H-File 21mm   #25 
NT503-106 H-File 21mm   #30 
NT503-107 H-File 21mm   #35 
NT503-108 H-File 21mm   #40 
NT503-109 H-File 21mm   #45
NT503-110 H-File 21mm   #50
NT503-111 H-File 21mm   #55
NT503-112 H-File 21mm   #60
NT503-113 H-file 21mm   #70
NT503-114 H-File 21mm   #80
NT503-115 H-File 21mm   #90
NT503-191 H-File 21mm   #15/40 
NT503-192 H-File 21mm   #45/80