NiTi Heat Treated Rotary Files

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Dia-X Rotary Files are comparable to the popular rotary file system in the market today. It provides 143%+ the resistance to cyclic fatigue than Dia-PT Rotary Files. Dia-X Files feature the same exact geometries as Dia-PT Rotary Files; however, the heat-treated premium nickel titanium construction offers extreme flexibility and durability. 

Enhanced Safety
• Convex triangular x-section reduces rotational friction and contact with canal wall
• Progressive decreasing % taper design enhances flexibility and safety
• Navigate calcified or severely curved canals with confidence and control
• Fracture resistance is 143% greater than Dia-PT Files 
• High corrosion resistance with coated surface

Greater accessibility
• Heat treated premium nickel titanium construction offers extreme flexibility
• 11 mm length handle offers improved accessibility to teeth
• Flat non-cutting file tip efficiently removes debris and soft tissue

Highly Integrable
• Designed to work interchangeably with your current technique and system
• Predictable results every time
• Perfect shape-matching gutta percha and paper points: Dia-ProT


Size/Length 19mm 21mm 25mm
#DX 571-100
#D1 571-101 571-201
#D2 571-102 571-202
#D3 571-103 571-203
#D4 571-104 571-204
#D5 571-105 571-205
#Assorted D1-D4 571-191 571-291