Epoxy Resin Sealer

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Dia-ProSeal Root Canal Sealer is a two-component epoxy resin-based system.


  • Excellent sealing ability with low shrinkage
  • High adhesion to gutta percha and dentin
  • Outstanding flow characteristics allow the material to reach and seal lateral canals
  • With calcium hydroxide, Dia-ProSeal possesses excellent antimicrobial activity
  • Fast and easy preparation with no wasted material: 1:1 ratio
  • Low solubility: resistant to material breakdown over time with long-term dimensional stability
  • Highly biocompatible
  • Excellent radiopacity and consistency
  • Setting time: within 3-4 hours

#1003-201 Regular Kit
Contains: 1 Syringe of 16 g (6.5 g Base + 9.5 g Catalyst), 1 Mixing Pad, and 1 Spatula

#1003-202 Intro Kit
Contains: 1 Syringe of 4 g, 1 Mixing Pad, and 1 Spatula